Enabling XDMCP in ubuntu 11.04

Ok so I am following this how to in order to set up remote access through a vnc server so that I can connect to my home pc from my windows xp work pc.
So my question is simple, how do i enable XDMCP in ubuntu 11.04?

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  1. I'm not quite sure why you need XDMCP if you are using VNC. Surely XDCMP is when you want to run a remote X Server?

    Anyway, may I be very rude and suggest that you Google "XDCMP Ubuntu"? The first hit is a link to a Wiki telling you exactly how to do this.
  2. i guess i overcomplicated my google search cheers m8
  3. but in the login screen window there is no remote or security tab
  4. VNC Should just run as a daemon (Linux equivalent of a Windows Service) so when you connect with VNC you should just get the logon screen of the Linux box and then login as normal.
  5. How can you run VNC as a daemon under Ubuntu 11.4 (latest unity environment)? Have been trying googling around and cannot locate this information. Anyone else done it?

  6. Hi,

    Thank you for the quick reply!

    I have seen those forums and have compiled

    x11vnc -o /tmp/x11vnc.log -noxdamage -forever -usepw -avahi -rfbport 5900 -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass


    x11vnc -rfbversion 3.6 -rfbport 5909 -ultrafilexfer -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.pass -o /tmp/x11vnc.log -forever -noxdamage -usepw –avahi -gui tray –b >/dev/null

    as possible x11vnc server instructions.. as unity desktop has replaced gdm/gnome I do not know when the unity X11 desktop start up script is located - not certain I can start the x11vnc server after the X11 starts so I can see the whole log in screen and log in as a user.

    Has anyone managed to get to that stage and can provide some instructions?

    Konstantinos Damianakis
  7. For Ubuntu 11.04 here is how you add X11VNC on startup:

    1. edit /etc/gdm/Init/Default


    /usr/bin/x11vnc -rfbauth /etc/x11vnc.passwd -forever -bg -o /var/log/x11vnc.log

    > Befoe this line:
    > SETXKBMAP=`gdmwhich setxkbmap`

    3. Save file

    4. service gdm restart

    5. done

    You can use what ever x11vnc command line you need, but this is what i have on my system. Make sure create a password for x11vnc. I set mine in "etc/x11vnc.passwd. The command for that is:

    x11vnc -storepasswd /path/to/passfile

    Hope this helps.

  8. Okey, x11vnc can be a solution for remote desktop, if I'm the user only.
    But it works with more than one users too?

    I mean that I want to log in to my computer from a remote PC throught wired LAN while an other user using my computer.
    I want to use my coumputer from a remote PC whitout disturb the other user.

    I tried to find XDMCP settings via Google, but I didn't found any solution under Ubuntu 11.

    I would like use XDMCP. NOT X11VNC!!!

    Is there any way to setup XDMCP on my Ubuntu 11???
    (I doesn't need any encryption.)
  9. Ok stop. Are you wanting to use VNC or XDMCP?
    They are two different things. VNC is a remote display protocol, it merely streams the console display to another server. XDMCP is the protocol you use when your running a X display server on a client (Xming for example) and want to remotely connect a session. We use XDMCP with Solaris 10 extensively where I work at.

    You need to enable XDMCP inside whatever display manager your using, for us it's inside the gdm.conf file for Gnome. You also need to enable remote login and ensure TCP port 177 is open and accessible.

    A few notes though, XDMCP is not encrypted. The screen data is being sent without any attempt at securing it, so any listening entity could see what your doing. It's not meant to be used over an unsecured network like the internet. Works great for remotely manageing servers in a data center, provided your office is inside the same data center. Otherwise you need to tunnel the X display through a SSH session, which is a little harder to setup.
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