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I need to make a DVD for work to send out to all of the counties in the state. This DVD will have tons of software and guides for everyday computing. Now, it doesnt need to be a DVD that plays (like a movie) but I want it to have some kind of user interface that comes up (I guess like a autorun.exe) so they can click on what they want to install. This was done once before, but the person that did it in the past no longer works here.

I need some kind of software that will allow me to create some kind of user interface and store all of the files on the disk so people can install software and look at PDFs and what not. Does ANYONE have any ideas on what I can do? Thanks!
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  1. Have you considered using Flash? You can compile interfaces packaged within standalone EXEs. And ActionScript is pretty easy to learn—if you know your C++. Hope this helps, and do keep us updated regarding this effort!
  2. Well, programming is NOT my cup of tea. Tried in college and struggled to get a D. I know that the person last year used a program to do it, I just can't figure out what.
  3. What sort of support programs are you wanting to use.
    If you give certain programs to people that cant use them correctly you may find that you have 10 times the trouble that you have now.
    You might also consider remote assistance so that you are the one making the changes and to keep a log as to what changes were made to what computer.

    There are some things out there that you can use if you can be a bit more specific on what you want it to contain.
  4. We send out a CD/DVD every year of new software (AntiVirus, MS Office, etc) so that they can install it themselves (its just me for the whole state...). The DVD that is out now has an autorun.exe and that brings up a full screen page with lists of things they can install. Whatever link they click on points to a setup.exe somewhere on the disc and runs the installer. I hope this helps. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to describe this thing. This may be harder than I thought :)
  5. Well I might've presented Flash and ActionScript as more complicated than they really are. What you want to do is really easy to implement. In fact, making the app full-screen and executing installation programs make use of the same command. If you have the time, check this out:

    Making your Flash app full-screen: fscommand("fullscreen",true);
    Starting an installer: fscommand("exec", "installer.exe"); <--- make sure to read article regarding where to place your installer exes!

    If you're strapped for time though, why not just rely on a simple web page? You can just create a simple web page with links that lead directly to your EXE files, and set autorun so that it automatically loads the web page.

    EDIT: PM sent to you Tedders
  6. Hey guys, thanks for the responses and thanks for the PM r_manic. I actually found a program that is going to do exactly what I need. Its nothing fancy nor snazzy, but it's free which makes me (and my boss) very happy. Its called AutoPlay Menu Builder. Right now, I have the DVD with menus and software totaling around 3gb. Thanks again guys!
  7. Ah, thanks for the info, I'll make sure to keep that app in mind when I need to do my own CD. :D
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