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My computer is connected to a wireless network along with three other computers. My computer is the only one that seems to be getting kicked of the network and it happens about every 2 min (depending on how many people on on their computers). I have a Belkin wirless router and a Belkin wireless card. I've tried disabling an re-enabling the wireless zero service and it doesn't seem to help. Also my wireless card or crappy software that came bundled with it is causing my computer to freeze once in awhile, it will make my music stutter and will freeze everything for about 5 seconds, after which I have to right click on the wireless icon in the taskbar and click repair. I'm starting to attribute this to belkin's crappy products, but any suggestions would be nice.
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  1. That was happening to me. I had a D-link router, and it would disconnect all the time. I just called my ISP, and they sent me a new router. Works fine now.

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