Please help ! Cant see CORE2 on CPU-Z

Hi all

I just finished install my new rig E6700 2GB OCZ 800MHz and
ASUS P5W DH Delux.

I have some quastion :

1. when i opened the CPU-Z v1.4 i can't see the core 2 whay ?
also in the task menager i see onlu one culum of CPU usage.
is there an option that i need to enable in the BIOS ?

2. Whay my system shows my memory as PC2-5300 while it's PC2-6400 ?

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  1. Check your bios again and look for a "CPUID" or something similar and enable that. That will make the motherboard to utilized and recognized a multi-core cpu. Also in your "Windows Tasks Manager" click on "View", scroll down to "CPU History" and choose "One graph per CPU". That will display individual graphs per core.
  2. And check you memory speed in the bios. If it say 667 then it is and the CPUZ might be showing you a false reading. If it says 533 in the bios then you need to manually set that up to 667.
  3. Err.. It does see both cores, even though the drop down box is grayed out.

    So its working right.

    As far as the memory speed is concerned. It's correct for stock speeds. If he increases the memory speed to a 1:1 ratio, he's OC'ing it. (assuming its DDR2 667)

    Which would cause it to run at 3.3 ghz. And without adjusting the bios accordingly (voltages), it will prolly be an unstable OC. :lol:


    The task manager... well, you might have it set to one graph for all CPU's.

    If you want separate histories... view/cpu history/one graph per cpu
  4. Thnk's
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