Backup software that's FREE: are there any good ones?

I want to back up my important files of my XP o/s so that I can try Windows 7RC.

I only want to download some FREE backup software to accomplish this. I have XP Home and it's an OEM version that came with the laptop, therefore I don't have access to Microsoft Backup Utility (that comes with XP Pro by default, and with XP Home that you can download from the disk).

Any suggestions?

btw, can one obtain that MS Backup Utility any other way besides off a full-version disk of XP??

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  1. Best way would be to get an external hard drive, which are actually relatively cheap online, then just drag your files to that.
  2. I 2nd ohiou_grad_06 suggestion to you, automatic backup utilities are extremely slow, compared to his suggestion to you.

    Acronis True Image Home 2009 has a 15 day fully functional trial of their software, but I strongly suggest getting an external HDD and take the previous suggestion.
  3. Well bigmutt heres exactly what you're looking for.
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