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An Issue if anyone knows regarding booting of vista..


I am a IT Technician and do have the ability to solve many issues in regards to software problems.
However, I seem to be stuck on one issue with my own personal computer.

I have a system which has installed vista ultimate. Works fine. However as far as i can tell after the installation of SP1 my boot time increases from 10 - 20secs. To 3 - 4 minutes.

As I have dual boot this only happens when selecting Vista. The computer will sit on a black screen for 3 - 4 mins before loading.
I replaced my HDD as it was an old one anyway. Eliminating any hardware issue in regards to the HDD.

I have no clue what is causing this delay... but have read a Logitech G15 keyboard can cause this... and a few other issues.

Does anyone have an light on this situation?

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    I had some long start up times that I ended up tracing to Norton. Dumped that for ESET, and boot time plummeted. Another thing that helped was switching from the installed defragger to an aftermarket one - I use PerfectDisc, but there's other utilities as well. What you're looking for is the option to defrag system files on start up. Do that.

    Computer => Properties => Advanced tools At the top of the page, you may see a message regarding performance issues.

    Check boot time:

    Tips to improve boot time:

    General performance tips:

    checking start up programs:
  2. Its not antivirus. I do not run Norton i know that for a fact very unreliable software and Have used NOD32, currently using AVG tho.

    I disabled boot defrag using this.

    Improved Time

    However i did find this,

    To be honest that is beyond my scope of knowledge in regards to Vista error management.

    In regards to boot time i have got this.

    But it still takes ages to load.
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