Where to buy components in UK?


I am looking to build my own PC, does anyone have any recommendations for places to buy the components online? I am looking mainly for fast dispatch and reliability as well as decent cost.

The last PC I built was from bits from ebay and a few from my local PC World, I'm sure I can do better next time.

Cheers in advance ..
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  1. www.Ebuyer.com

    I've used it for years and have spent a fair bundle or two there. Never had any problems with deliveries or returns. Always seems to be the cheapest or within a £. But since i've only had good experiences from them i wouldn't order from another place to same the odd £.
    They do next day delivery for a decent price. I normaly go for within 5 working days because it's free. They also have a good order tracking system.
  2. I agree with ebuyer its google (£10 off with google checkout as well >£90)

    But they dont have everything, others I have used recently are

    www.komplett.co.uk (got a good deal on ram)
    www.hydro-powered.co.uk (mainly only for heatsinks)
  3. Here are a few of the sites out there:


    I've used all of the above and they are all good, established sites.

    I would definitely recommend buying all parts from the same website - that way you will save on delivery costs and if you have trouble with your build you only have one point of contact for troubleshooting.
  4. Quote:
    I agree with ebuyer its google (£10 off with google checkout as well >£90)

    But they dont have everything, others I have used recently are

    www.komplett.co.uk (got a good deal on ram)
    www.hydro-powered.co.uk (mainly only for heatsinks)

    lol at the commonality between yours and my sites :)
  5. I'm buying from www.ebuyer.com- good prices, but if you want next day delivery, it costs some 10 pounds, while 5 day delivery is offered free of charge if you spend at least 89 pounds.. Reliability? Good, in my house some 5000 pounds were spent on mostly low end parts and laptops, the only issue was that once they sent sligthly different and worse than advertised PSU, other than that- everything was perfect. RMA works easy and fast, for broken Logitech z2300 speakers one day they picked up the broken item, next day brought new.
    Other popular shops are www.scan.co.uk and www.overclockers.co.uk, but they are usually a just bit pricier, I've never used them.
  6. :) I think we covered all the main ones. Others

    www.misco.co.uk (formally simply)
    www.eclipsecomputers.com (you can get good deals but need to watch these guys and there stock)

    If your looking for something more specialised let us know, someone will know where to find it
  7. http://www.cclonline.com - Retailer of the year!
  8. Fantastic!

    Many thanks everyone, ebuyer looks good, drooling over bits already. I'm going for a system similar to the mid-priced one in the marathon, got about £700 to spend after I get a Dell 24" monitor. My Athlon XP 1800+ is sadly too old to do my work on.
  9. One more for you to try:

    Edit: Sorry, missed neblogai's reference to Overclockers!

    £700 will build you a damn good computer! Any idea what spec you have in mind?
  10. Have a look at tescos (somewhat bizzarely) for a 24" gateway.

    Ebuyer very good, excellent with returns, very friendly staff to talk to.
  11. I'd concur with the others; Ebuyer, Dabs, Scan, Komplett etc. Ebuyer usually have very good prices but sometimes find some items better elsewhere (recently got a new monitor and Dabs was best for it).

    I do keep a regular eye on Scan though, sometimes there are some decent 'bundles of the week' and 'today only' offers.

  12. I have personally used the following;
    *Savastore - cheap, but not recommended as they took 1 month to ship my cpu and case 8O .
    *Scan - Excellent service, lots of parts and the today only deals rock (17" LCD monitor (DVI) only £90 in vat + shipping :twisted: )
    *Ebuyer - (Never used this site until recently) Very cheap (googles £10 off helps), ok range and fairly cheap shipping.

    Out of the three I liked scan the most as it allowed me to pick a date (every order came when it was meant to) and had every part (excluding the case, which they now sell) making it very easy to build a pc from.
  13. I built a PC a year ago using parts bought from Aria.co.uk but shortly after that i came across Ebuyer.com and haven't looked back since. Both sites are very good and have fast delivery(except Ebuyers Google Checkout - arrived 2 days late) but Ebuyer's prices have always been lower.

    Scan, Komplett, Overclockers and Dabs are good sites but i don't use Scan as shipping to N.Ireland is always £20, even for a fan whereas others are usually ~£4.
  14. Ebuyer is cheapest, but overclockers have some good deals on high spec stuff.
    Novatech is good for cheapest bundles if you can't be bothered to build it yourself.
  15. Thanks all for the excellent advice.

    I have been perusing Ebuyer and what they have in stock and here is my shopping list ....

    Antec Sonata II Piano Black Quiet Midi Tower - With 450W SmartPower2.0 PSU - £67.63
    MSI P35 Neo-F Socket 775 FSB1333 onboard 8 channel audio ATX - £83.01
    Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4ghz) Socket 775 FSB1066 4MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor - £148.95
    OCZ (OCZ2P800LP2GK) 2Gb PC2-6400 DDR2-800 4-4-4-15 DFI Certified Platinum (Lifetime Warranty) - £83.22
    Western Digital WD2500KS 250GB 7200RPM SATAII/300 16MB Cache Hard Drive - OEM X 2 for RAID 0 - £86.94 (£43.47 ea.)
    Point Of View 8800GTS 320MB DVI HDCP PCI-E Graphics Card - £173.85

    Total before discounts and shipping - £ 643.60, my budget was £700

    I'll be using this PC for work (3ds Max) and the occasional World of Warcraft. I'll probably clock the CPU to 3.0ghz if I muster up the courage and work out how to do it. I have a Dell 24" widescreen on order and will reuse CD, keyboard and mouse from old pc and XP Pro.

    Is there anything I have missed or any glaring errors, I'm happy to hear alternatives.

  16. scan has recently become my fave place it tends to be cheaper than OCUK by about 5% accross the board but i have never had an issue with either company OCUK do run regular offers each week that are very good tho
  17. I've had issues with returns to overclockers, and I know others on the forums have had too, so I would treat them with caution
  18. Looks like the sort of level of build I would go for myself. You'll get great performance and at a good price. Can't believe the price of that E6600 and that RAM!

    Personally I wouldn't bother with RAID though. I like fast hard disks (I've got a SCSI and a Raptor), but they are expensive per gigabyte. If you want to keep the cost down, my advice would be to just get a bigger hard disk if you need the disk space as RAID doesn't add much in real time performance and increases your risk of data loss. I think the Seagate 7200.10s have good performance.

    And good choice on the 24" Dell - I've got one myself and it's fantastic.
  19. Cheapest place I seen 24" monitor in UK atm is tesco of all places - 1920x1200 6ms £449 http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.200-2436.aspx
  20. Quote:
    Cheapest place I seen 24" monitor in UK atm is tesco of all places - 1920x1200 6ms £449 http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.200-2436.aspx

    £369 - http://www.cclonline.com/product-info.asp?product_id=13549&category_id=335&manufacturer_id=0&tid=et.f16we.a02
  21. Hello,
    The site i seem to always use is www.tekheads.co.uk
    Very good prices and fast too, never had a problem with them.
    A good site for ram is www.memory-configurator.com some fantastic prices and fast fedex delivery. Overclockers is good but they seem to have got very expensive of late, as an example vista home premium from OcUk is £75 but from tekheads it's £66, almost £10 cheeper.
    Dabs.co.uk is also good on price, just had my EVGA 650i Ultra board from them for £66 + £6 p+p, very nice :)

    Hope you find the best deals around.
  22. Noone has mentioned www.aria.co.uk yet! I think they're very good. Even have some good deals on 32" HDTVs (Have the Hannspree XV32 for £330!).
  23. This website is are very cheep on pc products also

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