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This weekend I decided to try out Kubuntu. During that install something went wrong and it didn't work so I decided to re-install Ubuntu until I had done enough research to figure out what happened. After re-installing Ubuntu my internet is incredibly slow. My download speeds are ~40-100 kb/s on Verizon DSL. When I boot into XP everything works great and I can download at ~700kb/s or better. When I used Ubuntu before everything seemed to work well and everything appears to be the same. Any ideas what can be causing my slow internet?
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  1. Is it configured correctly?
  2. Yeah I says it is working properly. When I check the settings everything appears to be in order. Not sure what is going on with it. My system I'm running it on is rather old (4 years), so I'm wondering if the driver for the onboard lan isn't working right...
  3. Are you on the same version of Ubuntu as before?
  4. Yeah I was running 11.04 before. I did notice once or twice it had an slow internet lag, but it went away. It won't go away now. Now sure what is going on... I will have some time to play with it this weekend if you have any suggestions...
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    Has your ISP or router changed? It seems similar to a problem some have with IPv6. (and the rest of the thread.)

    See if the command (run it terminal without quotes) "host" succeeds quickly. If it does, then it is a browser problem, most likely.
  6. It looks that the issue is with the ISP itself. My service has changed and I was unaware until i was downloading things in Ubuntu and thinking it was only in Ubuntu. Therefore, i'll soon be changing ISP's. Thanks for the help though, it was actually the ISP comment that got me thinking about it...
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  8. Glad to help!
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