I hate to ask it but what the best graphic card with my rig?

Hi guys

Looking for some advice for my next upgrade. Was wondering what is the top video card configuration that I could purchase with my system (let's pretend money is not a problem).

I have a AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 processor, Asus A8N-SLI deluxe motherboard, 2 gig ram DDR-SDRAM, and 2 NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX video cards.

Thank you for your help.
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  1. well.....anything you want really upto the 8800 ultra...but i wouldnt advise that since its waaay too costly for what its worth.
  2. I would asssume that psu may be a problem but the only thing I can find on the case is 12v 0.30 amp. Don't know how this relates to wattage.
  3. Get an 8800GTX, or 2 and SLI them together.
  4. 30 amps on the +12V rail should be enough for a GTX.

    what make and model is your psu so we can check it up? :)
  5. One or two of the 8800 GTX's will be the best for your set-up. The 8800GTX Ultra is the fastest but is stupidly priced (speed increase is not proportional to price increase).
  6. Two 7800GTXs are still very nice combination. However, a 8800GTX would be great step up. :wink:
  7. AD0812UB-A70GL

    Is it possible for SLI? Thanks.
  8. Get a Non-Pre Overclocked 8800GTX.(eVGA,BFG,XFX)
    Since your PSU generates 30A on the +12V you need a better PSU for Dual 8800GTX but for one you will be fine!
    Good Luck!
  9. I'd go for a single 8800GTX for now. 2 8800GTX's would be too much for your current PSU.
  10. Quote:

    Is it possible for SLI? Thanks.

    uhh...what make is that??
  11. you said money is not a problem,

    get a hiper typr R PSU, 600w +
    get 2 8800 ultras and sli them then OC them.

    (but i would update you rig a little, (ie C2D, DDR2))
  12. Why go for the hyper psu if money is not an issue???

    go for something like pc power and cooling, silverstone, enermax, seasonic...

    here is a list of some psu's and their total +12v rail output. For 2 GTX you may want to consider something over the 32-35 amp range.
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