ABIT AB9 Pro (POST cod F.5.)

Hi Friends,

I have just purchased a new MB (Abit AB9 Pro) but sometimes it doesn’t start the system. The visible (on the led) post code readout when the failure occurs is "F.5." After main-power, the red LED onboard is lighting and PostCode first short "_2" then "F.5." displayed. Then, no more happens! No Fans (CPU, PowerUnit).

I have referred to the MB manual and directly to the website of ABIT without identifying the problem. I have no idea what this means.

I'm using a CoolerMaster 650W power supply. All drivers and BIOS are updated.

Can you please help me out? Thanks!

ABit AB9 Pro (Intel P965)
Intel Core 2 Duo 6600
2GB Corsair DDR2-800
CoolerMaster 650W
2 x 200G Seagate (RAID 0)
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  1. I found this info on a hexus forum through google.
    Solution. Charge up the PSU and when you shut it off make sure that the check leds on MB turns out then quickly turn the PSU switch on again.

    These following steps

    1.Plugg in Main Power
    2.Switch PSU to ON
    3.Wait 30 seconds
    4.Switch PSU to OFF
    5.When Check leds go out quickly turn on the PSU again

    this should give you the 0.0 code . and then you are ready to boot

    I guess you could give this a try... If I understand it correctly gives the MB time to get power from the PSU before you try to boot.
  2. OK! Thanks!

    It works (I have to quickly turn on the PSU again just after led’s out), but doesn’t fix the problem!

    Is it a MB bad function? Even when I wait several minutes it doesn’t start the system.
  3. Hi Friends,

    I purchased a new MB (ABIT AB9 QuadGT). That’s the solution: another MB!
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