Nvidia drivers reinstalling themselves???

Hi ive recently bought a radeon x1950 pro 512mb to replace my geforce 6800 GT can anyone tell me why the nvidia drivers are still there after I uninstall in control panel and use driver cleaner PRO to remove them.

I think ive removed them and then i restart my system and use driver cleaner again and its deleting the same files i already supposed to have deleted!

Need help on how to stop these evil little buggers to stop installing themselves

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  1. Do you feel that you're having performance issues due to it?
  2. Yeah im getting severe drops in fps in games like WOW and far cry,


    P4 3.0ghz
    2GB Corsair PC3200 DDR400
    gigabyte 8IG-G1000MK mobo
    Tanga 480W PSU
    sapphire radeon x1950 PRO

    Bought a new power supply (from recommended list) with plenty of current on the 12V rail, and also the card does not overheat ive check temp while running games and on idle and they are well within reasonable limits.
  3. Quote:
    Go to http://www.driverheaven.net/cleaner/ and download that program. Follow the directions under the help menu in the program. Follow them exactly, even if they seem silly...the guy that wrote this has an entire community testing these things out for him...trust what he says. IF you follow the directions completely, you'll be set with no drivers installed!

  4. thanks for the info, ill take a look at that
  5. ive followed all instructions from driver cleaner, which is from that link anyway, cleaned cab files also in safe mode, and still i get slowdown, i hope to hell my new card isnt defected.

    i think the only thing left after ive bought a new PSU and used driver cleaner multiple times, is an OS reinstall, agreed?
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