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Upgrade 32 bit vista Ultimate to 64 bit. OEM version

Is there a way for me to upgrade my 32 bit vista ultimate to 64 bit? I have a college oem disk. I tried to enter the kep on windows website but I kept getting an error. I hear it's not possible to upgrade but I wanted to check before I had to buy the 64 bit version.=(
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    Dont think it is... its the whole 32vs64 bit thing... it really cant be done without a fresh install.
    64 is worth it tho, got 8Gb ramz and it KILLS in photoshop now, it kept crashing with 3gb in xp.
  2. As stated - You can not 'upgrade' a 32 bit installation to 64 bit. You must do a clean install.
  3. However, you should still be able to use the same product key.
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