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Vista freezing by Torrent and Lan access

Hi have this, vista ultimate x86 SP1. could this be the onboard LAN?

Board is asus m2v-mx se!

im having freeze once one of the LAN pc is copying files from my Vista or If i will upload it to the pc's drive or if using a torrent. Other software installed, KAV 2009.
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  1. Do you have the latest drivers for your network card?
  2. it from VIA. didn't use the windows driver. but still got these freezing problem.
  3. Does the MOBO have two on-board network cards? If so, then try the other one. If not then maybe try another card.

    As an experiment you might try:

    1. working in safe mode
    2. Disabling AV software temporarily

    Does the PC need to be restarted after the freeze or does it come back?
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    Onboard NIC could be defective... try another one and see if the problem goes away.
  5. Purchased a $5 NIC and my problem is solved. Thanks!
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