How to connect network

the problem is that , i have installed sp3 and i
have installed virtual box in that i was instlled ubuntu , for ubuntu how should i connect internet. please solve
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  1. Suggest install linux on hdd and the MS OS in virtual box.
  2. I'd strongly disagree with that suggestion. The reasons that people need Windows (for example playing games) tend to place greater demands on the hardware than Linux. If you have to run one OS natively and the other emulated then it is alomost always the better choice to emulate the Linux session. The better solution, of course, is to dual-boot.

    OP. Presumably you have configured a network adapter in the VirtualBox configuration (I find it best to set the type of the adapter to "bridged"); this should appear as a network adapter in your Ubuntu setup and you just configure networking as you would on a physical machine. Are you having problems with this?
  3. @ ijack: It's a matter of preference based on priorities.
    I only use Windows because, on occassion, it's required to do what i want.

    @OP: If ijack hits the nail on the head better than I, follow his direction.
    Take my suggestion or leave it, whatever works.
  4. I agree with virtualizing Linux over Windows. Windows tends not to play as nicely nor perforrm as well in a virtualized in environment as Linux, from my experience at least.
  5. See for another alternative! :pt1cable:
  6. A lot easier to just install Vbox still
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