Arctic Cooling 64 Pro Install Help (AM2)

I bought the Arctic Cooling 64 Pro and began to attempt to install this thing on my Foxconn mobo last night. I can't get it on; it took me 3 hours and many pained fingers later to just quit and call it a night. Regardless of the force I put down or how I maneuver it, the hs just wont click into the mounting bracket.

Can anyone please help me with some tips to install this thing? I'm on the brink of selling it off and buying a Scythe Katana 2.
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  1. The Freezer 64 pro can be a tricky install sometimes. It takes some head scratching and faith in your mobo's pcb. My install took about 20min, compared to the 30 seconds it took to remove the old heatsink. The included instructions make it look too easy, but are good to follow. Also, if you got some of the thermal paste on the cpu, you may want to clean that off and reapply some new paste. Its best to remove the PSU from the case and unclip the fan from the heatsink as well. Be sure the lock is released on the heatsink and hook the clips that don't have the lock. Make sure they stay hooked and ease them on the bracket some more. Next, take a few deep breaths and use both thumbs to hook the locking side of the heatsink. Be sure to take your time here and use even pressure until the clips hook on to bracket. Once both clips have hooked on, check them both to be sure they have seated properly, try squeezing them together. Now you can lock it down, re-clip the fan and plug it in, and re-install the psu.
  2. Yep they can be a pain sometimes, just dont get to mad
    and do this to it
    just go outside and do a little
    and a little

    Then hopefully you get it to seat and work then you can
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