I have torjans and kaspersky didn't remove them !!! help


i have a torjan files in my computer and the kaspersky didn't remove them... i hope you can help me with that...

See the picture....

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  1. While I cannot offer specific advice, I can give a few general tips ...

    1) Turn off 'restore points' within Windows. Many viruses use this feature to replicate / hide.

    2) Your AV program should give you the names of the suspected trojans. Google the name & removal. You should get tons of tips / help, but use discretion as to which advice to follow.

    3) Sometimes it's best to just do a clean install. If your data is backed up, you may want to consider this. However, do not depend on a system image backup. It's very likely that the virus is there as well. My personal method is to move known clean files (pics, music & such) to removable media (thumb drive, dvd, whatever) Once you have all of your files that you want, proceed with a format / re-install. Once your OS is functioning again, install your AV software and update it. Then scan your 'known clean files' before moving them back to your computer, just to be sure.

    Hope this helps!
  2. You can also try to run Kaspersky in safe mode, however if Kaspersky itself is corrupted, and it probably is, that won't do any good but its worth a try, trojans are notorious for disabling your AV protection first thing.

    UBCD4WIN is one great project for removing virus and spyware before the OP/SYS is even running, however you wouldn't want to even attempt to create the bootdisk on an already infected machine.

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