Linux drivers for dell latitude d810

I'm looking for Linux drivers for my Latitude D810 internal wireless card. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Just select Linux and download one of the three available drivers. I'd probably go for the Intel tested one personally.

    Note sure how the driver is distributed, but I'd assume it's just source. If this is the case:

    Unzip/untar the archive
    In the command line navigate to this new directory
    make install

    That should compile and install the source. If there's any issues let us know.
  2. There should be an instal or readme file with compilation or installation instructions.
  3. Excellent!! Thanks for the help - that worked!!
  4. If you have the IPW2200 (which it sounds like you do) you should be good

    If you have one of the Dell-provided cards (the 1350 or the 1450) then you're stuck using ndiswrappers
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