Netflix with blu ray device and old Sony Bravia

Does a seemingly necessary hdmi cable connect the blu ray device to the TV or to the computer when I buy a Sony BDP-S390 in order to stream netflix onto my Sony KDL 40XBR4? I want to know so I know how long a cord I need. Do I need another device too? It doesn't seem so, but the set up through the cable router seems onerous. Please help.
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  1. yes, typically a hdmi cable is used to connect a blue ray player to a television.

    if your blue ray player supports netflix then you should be able to use it to connect to your home network either via a cat5e cable or wirelessly if your device supports it.

    the manual should be able to give you directions on how to do this.
  2. Careful on getting cheap blu-ray that does netflix. Bought a cheap one from Wal-Mart just for netflix and it lagged and made watching netflix unbearable.
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