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My system was initially installed with windows Vista home premium 32 bit and was having some issues registering some dll files so i got the windows 7 ultimate. It was working fine initially but then while i was watching some movies for about 5 hrs, the comp just turned off like there was a power trip but after a few seconds it came back on. and the cycle reoccours every few minutes after that, check the event viewer and there was no errors logged and everything seems to be fine, checked the system temp was arnd 47 celcius. reseated the entire system, checked the memory for errors and restore the bios to factory default still getting the same issue. Any advice you guys might have is really appreciated...
System specs as below:-

Core 2 Duo E7400
XMS2 4GB DDR2 800
Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
WD Caviar Blue 640GB
CM RealPower 750W PSU
Zotec Nvidia 8800GT
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  1. When you reseated the entire system, how tight did you screw in the mounting screws for the motherboard? I've tightened them too much before and ended up causing a short-circuit.
  2. Sorry, i reseated the components on the mother board but i haven't screwed it in to the casing yet.. :( sorry for missing that out...
  3. That could also be causing a short circuit. Screw the board down as tight as you can, then turn each screw back about one quarter of a turn so as not to cause the same problem you are trying to avoid.
  4. Sorry for the late reply was away for a computer.. so yeah managed to resit the bord back in to the casig but im still facing the same issue.. but the thing is with vista before this i was not facing any issues..

    Was just wondering, could it be due to the GPU firmware that is causing the system to reboot?
  5. By GPU firmware, do you mean the driver? If so, then yes that could easily be causing the reboots.

    The next time you reboot your computer, hit F8 during boot up (like you would when you want to get into Safe Mode) and select the option from the menu that appears, called "Disable Automatic Restart on system failure". This will allow you to catch any error codes if the computer is bluescreening.
  6. I'm having the same problem. Check the Event logs and You might be getting the error I am. Event Log Error 41.
  7. Umm i do not mean the GPU driver, im referring to the GPU "BIOS", cuz i have already tried to install the latest driver from nVidia but still having the same problem and i check in the Event logs there is no error logged.
  8. I just wanted to make sure... generally when people say firmware, they mean driver.

    The chances of the GPU BIOS being the problem are so astronomically low, I wouldn't have even considered it to be an issue... but then again 'low' isn't exactly 'none'.

    If the GPU BIOS is the source of the problem though... good luck finding a new BIOS, and even better luck actually flashing it.
  9. so umm besides the possibility of it being the GPU firmware, is there any other possible cause for this issue?
  10. I would look at your power supply next. There are power supply testers available for about $30 - $40. Something like this should do the trick. Pick one up and test out your supply to make sure all of the voltages are sound. If they start wavering by more than 10%, consider your supply to be bad and seek a replacement.
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