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I have a quick question regarding my Wifi setup. Normally I would search but I'm pressed for time and was hoping someone would be able to throw out a quick suggestion or two.

My laptop isn't connecting to my wifi anymore. I just moved and set everything back up once the cable company installed my modem. Hooking up my Linksys wifi router just as before, everything should work as far as I can tell, but my laptop just isn't connecting. It will sometimes see something and try to connect but it just doesn't.

If I try to plug in an ethernet cable, it works fine (although sometimes I need to restart). Once I unplug the ethernet cable and even restart the laptop, it goes back to not seeing anything. It's a fairly new laptop running XP. I really doubt that it's a hardware problem because the laptop still sees something at times and it worked fine just a few days ago. But I guess it's not outside the realm of possibility.

If it's a signal issue with the router, how would I be able to check that? Buy a new one and see if it still does the same thing? Or is there another trick?

Does anyone have any idea what I can check on the laptop or if there are any settings I need to rework for the wireless? I had DSL before and now I have Roadrunner Cable Broadband, if that makes any difference.

Thanks so much in advance for any help.
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  1. There are differences between DSL and cable, not sure exactly what they are but setting up my daughters wireless to DSL involved more than to my cable. I'd reset the router, there should be a small hole in the back and inserting a paper clip will reset set it to the original settings, this is not he same as recycling. This should be explained in the manual. You'll then have to set up the router, e.g., log on, security, etc. Basically what you had to do when you first got the router. Then on the laptop run the wireless connection wizard.
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