Windows Live Messenger keeps opening

hi people i have a prob, my messenger keeps opening all the time ,also when im playing games,its so annoying,i have unchecked the boxes
run at starup,and tried reinstalling it and it didnt help.what else can i do?
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  1. You can try uninstalling Windows Live Messenger. Launch Control Panel, then start Add/Remove Programs.
  2. actually i did remove it from my system. and i put it back on,then i had the same problem so i removed it again.
    weird eh.
    im having some probs with some viruses n my comp so i dont know if this is a cause of them.
    i appreciate the help
  3. Try using the run command on the start menu, then type msconfig, tell it to do a selective startup, and then make sure the box for Windows live messenger is unchecked under the startup tab.
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