Install microsoft office in fedora 15

if i want to have microsoft office in fedora 15, is it better to run it on a virtual machine, or installing wine?
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  1. Should work just fine in Wine; it has excellent compatibility.

    Office 2000, Gold:
    Office 2003, Platinum:
    Office 2007, Gold:

    Any reason in particular you don't want to use OpenOffice or Libre? (Just curious :) )

    Good luck,

    - Jesse
  2. That's just the installer. Not the programs in Office. Most of the programs don't work.
  3. Personally, I would say that if you are going down the open-source route it's probably easier to use open-source programs than trying to shoehorn in commercial programs written for another OS. I use a Windows installation for Windows programs and Linux installations for other stuff.

    Have you looked at Open Office? Is there some functionality in Microsoft Office that is missing from OO but is essential to you?
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