eSATA external box not working with eSATA ExpressCard


I bought a SIIG eSATA II ExpressCard to use with a 3.5" 500GB Samsung HD501LJ SATA HDD in external eSATA enclosure. Notebook is Dell Inspiron 6400 / E1505

I bought two BYTECC SATA II external enclosures, with eSATA and USB external interfaces, model ME-747SA. They work fine when using the USB, but unfortunatelly it seems that these boxes are not compatible with the SIIG ExpressCard.

I have tried a WD SATA HDD in the BYTECC box but same story, it doesn't work with the ExpressCard.

HOWEVER, a 2.5 WD sata HDD in a non BYTECC eSATA box works fine with the ExpressCard, therefore the problem seems to be with the BYTECC boxes.

Any suggestion what to do to make them work?
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  1. Anybody?
  2. Any resolution to this problem ?

    I also have a BYTECC ME-747SA enclosure that works fine with the USB2 connection but not the eSATA connection. I see no jumpers or switches in the ME-747SA so I presume both connections are supposed to be functioning.

    I have another BYTECC ME-747SA that has functional USB2 and eSATA.
  3. I have the same problem, my external esatabox does not work with express card nor with the esata of the motherboard of my desktop pc. It only works if I connected to the motherboard standard sata controller with the cable that comes with my external box.

    Someone knows an external box that is surely compatible with E-Sata? It seems to me, after some searches, that boxes that are compatible with usb and e-sata does not works.

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