How to remove ubuntu 10.10 from windows 7 dual boot?

I am dual booting with win7 and ubuntu and was wondering how to remove ubuntu?

I don't have any windows 7 discs and heard I may need some or something similar?

If anyone can help, could they please explain in a way that inexperienced person would be able to understand?

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  1. What boot menu are you currently using? Is it GRUB or is it the Windows boot loader?
  2. Grub i am pretty sure.
  3. In that case, I would recommend that you get hold of EasyBCD and use it to set up a boot menu that will be using the Windows 7 boot loader. Once you have tested that it is working OK you can just reformat the Ubuntu partition.

    Within EasyBCD ("Useful Utilities") there is a link to a site where you can buy Windows 7 boot CDs for $10. This might be a wise investement if you don't have system disks to allow you to repair simple problems. I've never tried them, so can't give a personal recommendation; it's just something that I noticed.

    EasyBCD is a very useful (free) program and it's worth having a copy on any Windows 7 setup. And. no, I have no connection with NeoSmart other than as a satisfied user.
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