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URGENT- Vista re-installation problems please help

Last response: in Windows Vista
September 3, 2008 6:55:10 AM

Vostro 1500 Laptop
T9300 2.5GhZ
4GB Ram
320GB HD
256MB 8600M GT
Vista 32 Bit Premium

I have had this computer for about 5 months and have never had ANY problems with it. I am selling it today so I decided to re-install Vista to give this kid a brand new feel since all the programs and everything would be removed.

I put the disc in, clicked on "not upgrade" but the other one...Brand new install or whatever. Once installed, I went to the C:/ Drive and noticed that the old windows was saved just in case something happened. Well everything looked fine before I did the updates so I deleted that file figuring that it doesn't matter because it contains all my old information and the old windows which really doesn't matter.
Somewhere in the deletion, a couple of messages came up and said" if you delete this file" 32194$@(@*$@fD < looked something like that "Then it can cause your system to not work properly. I hit cancel and cancel on all the other ones...

At this point I'm at the desktop with no updates installed and everything is looking good... Then after I do the updates, I restart the computer and a blue screen shows for less then a second and doesn't give me time to read a word even...Then it gives me the option of trying to repair the computer or start it up as normal...Sometimes it gets passed this and gets to the desktop, but most of the time it wants me to try to repair it which it fails doing every time.

What are my options at this point? Can I completely delete like everything and start over? What should I do? People come to look at the laptop in about 12 hours so I got some time.

Appreciate any help...Will be near the computer most of the day so I can respond quick.
September 3, 2008 8:36:08 AM

I just put in my old 80GB hard drive into the laptop and everything is working fine under that hard drive so what I did is hooked up the 320 GB as an external hard drive and am now completely formatting the entire disk and then I will transfer all the information on the hard drive that is working now over to the 320GB and see if it works.
September 3, 2008 12:23:30 PM

This forum sucks. It has way to many separate forums for every damn thing...memory, video, Vista, Xp, everything needs to be in like 1 or 2 instead of 50 because nobody ever replies on this forum.

The method I used failed said BOOT mGR is missing., UGH
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September 3, 2008 2:54:52 PM

Well I solved the problem by completely formatting the disk when I had it plugged in externally... Then I installed Windows, and selected to NOT update through internet during the installation, and then I went manually to and downloaded the SP1..THEN I did all the updates...Now it works fine

Ready to sell tonight =)