XP does not boot without my other almost failed HDD

Hi, about 6 months ago, my WD Raptor failed due to write failure. So I installed Windows XP Pro on a 160gb WD HDD. I left the raptor in just in the case I might be able to repair it, but never was able to get anything to properly write on it. But the other day I tried taking it out and my Windows XP does not boot without it in nor is it even recognized that it even has an OS installed on the HDD. Does this mean that the Master Boot Record is on this drive? If so is there anyway I can easily fix this problem without a re-install? Please Help, thanks.
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  1. Yes that is what it means to fix you need to use a tool like ubcd to copy the boot record to the new drive I'm sure there is a different way but this is the way I do it. However this is a daring move if the write failure is do to cross linked file. Your raptor will be usable if you use UBCD and test the drive find out where the error is and then you can create 2 partitions the first is a little more than the error the rest for the OS.
    Better yet you can still use the bad partition for storage.
  2. Thank You for your quick reply and answer. Much appreciated.
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