Netflix please HELP!!!

Does anyone know how to stream Netflix while using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS? There has got to be a workaround for this :pt1cable:
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    Sorry but the only work around is to use virtualbox or another VM with windows :( The DRM that netflix uses is only available for silverlight and not available under moonlight :(
  2. And it is the main reason I have refused to sign up so far!
  3. This is some BS....I paid money to these crooks....Netflix WTF.....Win or Mac....It just doesn't seem right...Money, Money, Money....I Love Linux...So yeah, Netflix is no more
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  5. Netflix originally use Flash, which worked great even on older P4 computers. Then they 'teamed up' with Microsoft to create a better system using Silverlight. People who could stream smoothly with Flash were now stuttering, and you know the rest of the story. . .
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