Zalman STG-1 vs MX-1 vs AS5

I'd like to know basically if the Arctic Cooling MX-1 Thermal Grease is better than the Zalman STG-1.

I got my T42p last year ('round August), didn't wait too much to replace both CPU and GPU stock thermal compounds. I got an AS5 syringe, applied properly using ArctiClean 1&2, but I was not happy with the temps.
Then I got Zalman STG-1 on eBay.

I applied Zalman STG-1 on my Thinkpad T42p laptop but the CPU temp reaches almost 95C, and the CPU (Pentium M 745 1.8Ghz) reaches 74-78C mark (with stock voltage) at LOAD. Idling GPU is about 50-52C (depending on fan activity) and the CPU about 46-48C.

I'm wondering if applying MX-1 on my laptop heatsink would even lower my laptop temps at load as I've read is better than AS5.

Also, is the idea that un-lapped heatsink (like the one of my laptop?) works better with silver based pastes (like AS5). Is that right?

Thanks. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Why change the thermal compound to begin with? It is a laptop not a desktop, they aren't supposed to be taken apart (not that I haven't done it) and screwed around with. OEM's design the system to work under full load, which, on a laptop, can get very hot. Nearly 100c is a bit ridiculous. My laptop doesn't get that hot with discrete graphics and my CPU running full tilt.

    It makes me think that the heatsink isn't getting enough contact with the CPU die seeing as there is no IHS on mobile procs.

    Technically the best thermal compound is the Shin Etsu X23

  2. I've reapplied Arctic Silver 5 to the CPU/GPU and it seems I've been able to lower the temps a bit. At load the GPU reaches 91C. The CPU with stock voltage at 71-72C. The reason I went changing the thermal compound is because I game a lot, and since this machine have only one heatsink to dissipate the heat produced by the CPU & GPU a good thermal paste is needed.
  3. I game on my laptop too and until something overheats I am not messing with the thermal compound at all, no reason to. That is why they make warranties. Good thermal compound will lower temps ~3c and with a laptop it isn't worth the effort to me.

    FYI Shin Etsu X23 is the best thermal compound, AS Ceramique is second best, AS5 isn't as good as it once was, it has competition these days.
  4. I believe MX-1 is the third best thermal compound out there, isn't it?
  5. Interesting link, but the MX-1 is not on the test list. Anyways I've quite content with the results I got after 2 days of applying AS5 on my laptop. I see temp drops compared to the zalman.
  6. MX-1 performs on par with/slightly better than AS Ceramique. Either of these performs slightly better than AS5 in reviews.
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