Invalid compressed Format Err=2


I have justgot hold of a media player built to play background music in a store.

I think it has a problem with the Mini Psu, but that another issue.

My problem is I have put the HDD into another Pc and I am getting a message on Boot up, " Uncompressed Linux....Ok, Booting the Kernel.
Invalid Compressed format ( Err=2)

Can anyone shed any light on the emaning of this.

If i need to give you more idea on my componants then I will send detail.

noobie to all this and espaecially Linux
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  1. It means the compressed kernel image cannot be uncompressed correctly. It could be a corrupt hard drive, or even a memory problem.
  2. Did it work with the original machine?
  3. Well it until until one point at which the whole machine stopped, booting, I am trying to work out if the issue is the Hdd or the Psu.

    so I thought swapping over to another PC may prove it , but wondered if the MB drivers need to be different for Linux ?

    any advice would be greatfully received but if you need to know any spec's then come back to me.

  4. Boot elsewhere, and then check that HDD is all working properly.
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