Anyone have any experience w/ Dell 2407WFP + PS3

I know this question has probably been asked no matter where I go I can't get a straight answer so I'm turning to you guys for some answers.

I heard that the 2407WFP is not HDCP. True or False? This seemed to be the biggest issue with this monitor from what I've heard and cannot display 1080p using the PS3 or a Bluray player. Also I heard that they are coming out with a revised version of this monitor around this time (if they havent already).

So if you guys can share your experience and even if it doesnt display 1080p on a PS3 as long as it still looks good to me. I dont care.

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  1. mine is a week old - I have the AO4 rev. supposedly the newest.
    Dell is still shipping the ao3 - per the online help desk- you have to look
    around for the newer rev.
    an awsome monitor - and - as is dell - they give you shi... for info. just
    the setup sheet and a 90 page book in 6 thousand languages telling about how energy star etc etc.
    the cd - here is some pertinent info from the cd doc.
    Model number 2407WFP
    Flat Panel
    Screen type Active matrix - TFT LCD Screen dimensions 24 inches (24-inch viewable image size)
    Preset display area: Horizontal 518.4 mm (20.4 inches) Vertical 324.0 mm (12.7 inches)
    Pixel pitch 0.270 mm Viewing angle +/- 89° (vertical) typ, +/- 89° (horizontal) typ
    Luminance output 450 cd/m ²(typ)
    Contrast ratio 1000:1 (typ)
    Faceplate coating Antiglare with hard-coating 3H
    Backlight 6 CCFLs U-type backlight
    Response Time 6 ms typical (Grey to Grey) / 16 ms typical (Black to White)
    Horizontal scan range 30 kHz to 81 kHz (automatic)
    Vertical scan range 56 Hz to 76 Hz, exception 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz only
    Optimal preset resolution 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz
    Highest preset resolution 1920 x 1200 at 60 Hz

    Video input signals
    Analog RGB, 0.7 Volts +/-5%, 75 ohm input impedance
    Digital DVI-D TMDS, 600mV for each differential line, 50 ohm input impedance
    Composite, 1 volt(p-p), 75 ohm input impedance
    Component: Y, Pb, Pr are all 0.5~1volt(p-p), 75 ohm input impedance
    Synchronization input signals
    separate horizontal and vertical, 3.3V CMOS or 5V TTL level, positive or negative sync.
    SOG (Sync on green)
    AC input voltage / frequency / current 100 to 240 VAC / 50 or 60 Hz + 3 Hz / 2.0A (Max.)
    Signal cable type
    D-sub: Detachable, Analog, 15pin, shipped attached to the monitor
    DVI-D: Detachable, Digital, 24pin, shipped detached from the monitor
    S-video: Not included with display
    Composite: Not included with display
    Component: Not included with display
    You can install the monitor in any Plug and Play-compatible system. The monitor automatically provides the computer system with its Extended Display Identification Data (EDID) using Display Data Channel (DDC) protocols so the system can configure itself and optimize the monitor settings. If desired, the user can select different settings, but in most cases monitor installation is automatic.
    there is some more stuff but i figured this would give you adequate data, plus the seller of the a04's stated that they would handle 1080p hdtv stuff etc etc.
    Right out of the box when the driver is loaded it goes to 1920x1200
    personally - I cut it down to 1280x768 easier on my old eyes .
    BUT still sharper than hell .... hahahaha totally amazing
    runing p5w dh asus xt1900xtx 2gig ram pent D + 2 - 120sata segates
    installing a tv tuner card in a day or so - soon as i get the cable run to
    my room. next will be a satalite fta card.
    any other info I can dig up lemme know.
    not raided.
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