Do the latest Acronis products support eSATA and Bluetooth interfaces?

I have external HDD case where four disks are housed (1TBx3 + 1.5TB). The HDD case is attached to my Windows XP desktop PC via eSATA interface. I also use Logitech MX5500 Bluetooth keyboard/mouse. With this hardware configuration, I found out Acronis Disk Director and True Image 9.x didn't either support eSATA or Bluetooth interface.

Can someone kindly advise if the latest Acronis Disk Director and True Image support eSATA and Bluetooth interfaces? If none of the Acronis products offers such support, what drive image and disk manager programs would you recomend?

Thank you!
OS: Windows XP Pro SP2
+ Logitech SetPoint 4.60.122
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  1. Is your eSATA interface direct to your motherboard SATA connectors? if so ShadowProtect will let you restore from your SATA backup device with the correct driver (you can supply it the driver as well). Bluetooth not sure, easier to use a USB keyboard / mouse I say.
  2. Ask Acronis support
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