Have An Extreme PC Mod? Tom's Hardware Wants You!

Hi, it's Ben Meyer and Chris Angelini from Tom's Hardware. This forum thread is now the official home of Tom's Talkback Featured Systems. Same deal as before, send us videos, pics and descriptions of your rigs. Yours could be featured in the next episode of the show.

Thanks and I look foward to hearing from you,

Ben and Chris
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  1. How's this for living on the edge: I installed a DVD-ROM with a white bezel into a black case!
  2. Well, I'm waiting to assemble this one!


    Waiting for the money !!
  3. how about this home-made extreme mod . . .


    on/off - thats it - without having to contort my body underneath the desk everytime - LOL!!!!
  4. Hmm, i have a pc in a briefcase, does that count?

    edit later with link
  5. Mine has a solid aluminium door that detaches and doubles as a (theoretically) bulletproof shield.
  6. Maybe you can give us a picture of an existing EXTREME mod as an example.
    Many of us have mods but to save you time you might want to set the bar.
    Just a thought
  7. Why would I want to do that? People would automatically assume I'm fibbing and my case is really a slightly broken TT Xaser III skull :D

    It is bulletproof! Totally! :whistle: :ange:
  8. Well I am currently working on a custom system,

    the name of the build is;

    Project: F.E.A.R.

    Here is a link to my worklog on my website which is still under construction, but the work log is also posted on many other forums as well.
  9. PCFlip said:
    Well I am currently working on a custom system,

    the name of the build is;

    Project: F.E.A.R.

    Here is a link to my worklog on my website which is still under construction, but the work log is also posted on many other forums as well.

    That is incredibly cool. Although it is very sad that you made the general design in inventor. Nice job. I think thats worth a submission.

    My rig isnt too extreme. Mediocre PC in an Antec 900 with 2 monitors.
  10. I just found a mod that will raise the bar. A lot.


  11. Straight out of Rapture, that one!
  12. Does outdated PCs counts? : )
  13. wow. that is **** awsome
  14. http://louisville.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2072300&l=5c81f&id=38304805

    its was at the beginning stages but i have done some more work to it:)
  15. http://www.erucolindo.com

    I posted in the general home build forum, and sent an email in, but here it is for those interested:

    The Windows Home Briefcase

  16. Nice mod ModBros. NIce find aziraphale, too bad I cant read Russian, (Although the pics tell the whole story)
  17. SKyriDe said:
    That is incredibly cool. Although it is very sad that you made the general design in inventor. Nice job. I think thats worth a submission.

    My rig isnt too extreme. Mediocre PC in an Antec 900 with 2 monitors.

    Naw, he used Sketchup. I use that all the time :D Nice design though...
  18. My case is made out of acrylic plastic, in other words it's a see-through case, the cables from the PSU react with the UV light making it look wicked :D
  19. I have modded a Armor case to fit a 3bay rad & 2bay Rad and a single .. My workmanship is of shabby garage home made quality :o) .... but the set up looks (through squinted eyes) rather impressive.. mainly its a size thing .. and it has flashing lights and stuff .. so size and flashing lights .. works for me. ... hey if Transformers .. cars that turn into robots was a box office hit.. Computers with flashing lights the size of cars is a sure fire winner.. All the hardware is currently in a mozart case while i mess about with the holes and drilling and then hiding mistakes with putty and paint ..
  20. This is what im currently working on. Will post picture once project is finish.
    Project: Transformer

  21. ^Nice
  22. authoratah said:
    Mine has a solid aluminium door that detaches and doubles as a (theoretically) bulletproof shield.

    aluminum is bulletproof? or is that the name? , maybe try some ceramic plating interlaced with kevlar as your door. 762 FULL METAL JACKET wooot ... lol....
  23. Here is my extreme modding:

    I have made a lot of modding in the past, but this is, by far, the most extreme. See more pictures, specs and info on the homepage of the project:

  24. Added a video of the Project MAME:

  25. my rig is caseless ( mobo - extreme striker is sitting on the plastic covering it came in) and running a 29' lcd monitor. now thats living on the edge for me...
  26. I have made a PC in a Microwave? Does that count?
  27. I don't know how EXTREME this is, but this is my first baby:


    I have since changed those ugly ball feet, upped the PSU (Still with OCZ), removed the copper netting and added lighted fan grid in the front...and more oak trim on the edges. Yeah, I know, it is already obsolete......but hey, I would rather have a old Ferrari then a brand new Honda Civic!
    Oh, and refitted a keyboard and mouse into oak shells as well.

    Since this build I modded a Dell Dimension 4400 case to look like a frog, for my daughter, and am currently building a wall mounted computer buildt inside those cxolored plastic hamster cage parts and tubes.
  28. That is pretty cool.
  29. This is a really old thread, so I don't know if you guys are still keeping up with it, but here is my "Ultimate Gaming Mod".

    The initial computer build can be found here: http://discuss.extremetech.com/forums/1/1004413193/ShowThread.aspx

    The gist of the mod can be found here: http://discuss.extremetech.com/forums/thread/1004415771.aspx

    The slide show can be found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/chatsauvage/sets/72157601297497058/show/with/2564031646/

    The step by step with descriptions can be found here (slideshow moves a bit fast to read everything) http://www.flickr.com/photos/chatsauvage/2564031646/in/set-72157601297497058/

  30. Booger Build it m0D!!! My Bestest Mod. Afrotech r my h3ro¿!

    Har Har, this computer is now my DoD:S Server. My current System is a stripped down Lian-li PC-06, looks the same as my old Franken-pooter, but Aluminum.

    behind the system... I Build nice computers for work, and I wanted sumptin' different, so's I built my Franken-pooter's :) also, easy access for maintenance and upgrades
  31. My main pc is this NES pc i built late year. I thought about it and a coworker mentioned it 'has been done', so i googled it, and sure enough, like everything else, it'd been done. The ones i saw were 'not so pretty', so I decided to go ahead and build it anyways.
    Intel ITX board w/integrated Celeron (conroe core) 1.2 ghz/533 fsb
    1 gig ram, ddr2/single channel
    80 gig fujitsu 2.5" hdd
    buffalo wifi stick
    sony dvd burner, slim, laptop style

    DREMEL tool was my friend for about a month, so was hot glue =D
    i removed the front controller sockets and added a black metal mesh grille to cover an inlet fan, there are two outlet fans, one on top and one on the bottom of the case where the original vents are. rigged the power button to a 'hold and release' style from the original click and hold, courtesy of a Dell power button, and changed the LED to blue. I took lots of pics, here are some...


  32. In a few months (3 or 4) i'll have all the parts of my Gaming Machine.
    Its not liquid nitrogen so to me its not that fancy but would that qualify me?
    I could tape me building it from scratch?

    See the machine in the profile that will be THE ONE,
    I have the case, and Mobo, already tucked away at home.
    But i'm slowly paying for the rest of the parts.

    I might go cheaper DDR3 1600Mhz ram instead though.
    I'll change the profile decription when i have decided,

    P.s. i'd have all the parts sooner if you can find me a sponsor..

    Well its worth a try ;)

    Adam From Australia
  33. I Hate MACS, however i did find a use for one.
    I gutted a Old Apple G3 Machine, now its a lockable tool box, more useful than ever, with a built in divider.
  34. Okay this isn't my invention, but I have a few spare cases, and feel fairly confident i can build one of these myself from one for much less than $750.

    Click the link below to see a PC case modded to a hydroponic grow case... COOL hey..

    All i need is a 5500K globe, old lamp (socket&plug), and wire in a few fans, with a triple adapter to the timer for lights and fans and Air pump from an aquarium to keep the hydroponic mix oxygenated.
    I'll send in pictures later, when i get the parts to make it, if you wanna see it.
  35. This person should put his name in the winners section...:)....its really amazing how clean and professional his work is...i got this from techpowerup....

    who ever this guy is he must have a lot of pc building dedication and money?
    this is the most extreme and clean H2O mod i have seen to date
  36. Yeah very very nice to look at, till it springs a leak and burns,
    I Can't even see any power cables
    Also can't see any IDE/SATA cables, Unless they are blue glowing round cable type.
    If only we were all made of money, all of us could spend $5000 ++ on a new system build.
  37. this is nothing like the one Freezed1 posted, thats the nicest water rig i have ever seen.

    This is my baby, cut holes everywhere as to not have any cabling seen.
  38. The only problem with that beautiful water machine freezed1 posted is the tubing is just too small.
  39. Not as neat with power cables i can see yours.. lol
    nah looks great!
    Didn't realise pipes got that thick.
    Hope there's no leaks or spills or even The Super mario bro's won't save ur pc.
  40. It's not a completed project yet and wont be until early 2009 but Its Called "Ifrit" yes the ff12 airship im making a replica of it. So far i have only a few materials for it as that im still browsing for my other materials to determine which will be the best.

    here are some official pics


    any suggestions would be nice on materials to be used and what not as this is goign to be my first major pc case mod!
  41. Damn there's some nice systems in here. As for mine it's just a plain old air cooled gaming rig.

    It's got a few things sweet under the hood though.

    Q6600 @ 3.2ghz 1600fsb. This is on a xfx 680i mobo btw :)
    OCZ 6400 8gb
    320g western digital caviar
    Silverstone Decathlon 750watt modular PSU
    EVGA G92 8800GTS @ 761/1026/1907
  42. Here is my system.
    Q6600 over clocked to 3.2Ghz (air cooled)
    2 9800GTX sli Overclocked to 795Mhz.
    8GB 800Mhz ddr2 4-4-4-12 overclocked as well
    Antec ninehundred case
    Vista ULT 64
    3 Rapter 80GB Hard dives in Raid0
    Vista Rating at 5.9
    MSI Nforce 750I Sli mainboard

    Iwish you could make it EZer to add a pic so that you can see the cool green automotive neon I added to the case.
    It looks much cleaner than the one in your video. I was Tri SLI with the 9800s but i keep killing 1200 Watt Power Supplys.
  43. Here is a picture of my System from earlyer.
  44. And one more
  45. One more thing. This is my work computer and I built it on a budget.

    I work at Ross Computer Services in Seneca SC
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