Witch better vista ultimate or home premium??

:ange: Hi , Whats up?
I run Abit AN78 HD its creative for Vista home premium but I installed the Ultimate It worked very will on it ,so I am wondering Witch is better home or Ultimate?

Thank you guys
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  1. Go with what you have.
    Ultimate was supposed to be progressive and come with future add ons, but it would seem that the future is still somewhere in the future.
    Apparently they meant the next version of windows.

    Im just glad I didnt pay extra for the privledge of getting ripped off.
  2. Ultimate is good if you want all the features of Business + Home Premium. I needed some of the features of Business, so that's why I went with Ultimate over Home Premium.
  3. sorry zoron is right
    I have ultimate and it is great. I was being an ass
    It does have features that are helpful and I use them.
    For the average home user though and with the (theoretical) promise of the new windows coming soon Im not sure if the invesment is worth the cost.
    It does offer better security, better control of users, and better network abilities in domain environments but if that is not needed I wouldnt worry.
    One other concern that Im not sure about is the media functions. I dont use many of them and I dont know if Home premium provides them.
  4. Home Premium has all the media functions... you could liken it to Windows XP Media Center. Vista Home Basic is pretty much like Windows XP Home.
  5. Stick with home premium. It uses up less RAM, so you get more performance for your games :D
  6. Ultimate doesn't use any more RAM than the other versions using Aero.
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