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Vista does nothing on startup


I had to reinstall my pc with the recoverycd that I had to make, but when it reaches 100% it says: "restore failed - reason 0xd000000a. Click to restart the computer."
So I did and when it's restarted the pc asks if I want to start from dvd and if you don't have to start from dvd and don't touch a button, it freezes. So I used a cd with vista from a friend to repair my pc but I doesn't work at all. So I can do nothing anymore, cause if I restart the pc without a cd it says: "a disk read error occured, press alt+ctrl+delete to restart" and it does nothing. I'm on the verge of throwing it out of the window but that won't help either. I can only go tuesday to the shop where I bought it so I'm hoping someone can help me out here, cause that shop is a little far.

My pc is an Acer Aspire L3600.

When my pc is back to normal I will install my beloved XP next to vista cause I HATE vista. :fou:
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  1. here is quick page of things to check sorry i cant help more right now
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    Sounds like a failing hard drive... has absolutely nothing to do with the OS. You'd be having the exact same problems with XP. Get the hard drive replaced, then you shouldn't have any problem doing a restore.
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