Shaded horizontal lines across screen

I am about to embark on my first experience with Linux. I have put my Ubuntu 11.04 iso disc into an old laptop I have to fiddle with it before putting it on to my desktop.
Everything seems to work fine however there are bars across the entire screen. Each bar seems to be grey at the bottom and normally colored at the top.

The laptop is hp dv2620us
Laptop Specs
I have almost no knowledge of Linux so I am hoping someone else can help me fix this problem.

I have discovered a screenshot shows no issue. Also when booting into windows the screen is normal


What I see

Thank you for any help

edited to provide photos
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    Check compiz fusion settings -- start over, if necessary. (also, check ubuntu help)
  2. After starting clean and installing again the problem is gone. I still wish I knew what caused it but case closed for now.
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