Ubuntu install help.

I decided to give ubuntu a try on my old desktop. I erased the hdd on the computer, then booted ubuntu from cd and installed. After a while it said it was installed and to restart. I restarted the computer and it is just sitting on a screen with ubuntu and 5 orange dots, with no activity. This is my first time using any Linux os. Plz help!
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  1. No need to panic -- just use gparted in SystemRescueCD 1.3.5 to partition one Primary of about 11-15GB , a for root ( / ) another larger one for /home and a swap partition of about 1.5-1.9GB; then

    Try Xubuntu 10.04.2, as any 'buntu newer does not support older CPUs (most likely, like yours!)

    edit: just saw your specs in sig -- the above should work for you. Best wishes!
  2. I got it to work, just reinstalled it.
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