cannot open the add/remove program

Since I installed SP3 last week, I cannot open my add/remove program. I don't know if its related to downloading this, but this program will not open. Can anyone help? Thanks.
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  1. What edition of windows? If pro, start, run, eventvwr.msc and look for the event right after failing to open add/remove programs.
  2. Thanks auscanzukus, but I corrected the problem. I couldn't open a few other programs neither, so I reloaded my Win. XP Home Ed. CD and reloaded some more files. I guess some of my registry files were deleted some how, by a program that I loaded last month, that cleans your registry, so no more of that! I took the program off of my computer. If anyone wants to know what the program was, let me know, because I didn't really want to mention them right now, because I hate talking bad about a company.
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