Windows 7 backup error 0x80070002

Hello, So I have been wanting to fix this issue for a while. I want to have a fresh backup file on my computer to use incase anything ever goes wrong and I have to revert to a earlier time. My last backup was back in December and has stopped working since then. I have done a lot to this computer and If I ever have to do a system restore that's the only backup point I could revert to and that's bad. I would loose A LOT of stuff on my PC. Okay so every time I try and run the backup or when it runs on its own I get this error message: The system can not find the file specified. With error code 0x80070002 at the bottom of more information. I'm using a 1TB USB External HDD. Brand is Green Drive. My PC is an HP and is using a motherboard that they shipped it with. This is my motherboard just incase anyone wants to see, because I read this might be a USB chip set issue.( ) I'm using Windows 7 x64bit. Can anyone help me resolve this issue. I would really like to get it fixed so I can safely backup my files in case of emergencies.
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  1. CHECK your hard drive for errors,sometimes that causes this error code!
  2. How do I check my HDD for errors?
  3. Okay well my external HDD had no errors so I'm going to assume that's not the issue here.
  4. Well, hopefully this will help some. I work on many computers and with a google search many get this error... 0X80070017.

    It seems to be a write read error....especially when upgrading your operating system when it taxes the computers memory and hard drive. Some say check the hard drive...some say check the memory.

    In the end after running several diagnostic tools I FINALLY found the problem. My customer was a smoker and the cooling fan was completely clogged. I blew some air blast through the cooling fins which blew out a ton of disgusting smoke and ashes.

    I tried to load several operating systems..even going back to Window XP and it slowed to a crawl......

    Anyway...after restoring the cooling it loading lighting fast and both the memory and hard drive are running fine.

    Hope this helps you....

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