HELLOO... Anyone here? Can i get some help Vista Partition issue

Hey everyone. I have a little problem. I have a 74gb Hard drive with Vista Home Premium 32bit installed on it. I have 58gb's free on the drive. I want to make a 15gb Partition to install Ubuntu on it and have a Dual Boot. I want to try out Ubuntu by having it really installed. Windows is only letting me make a 5gb partition. It won't let me make a larger one. I dont know why it only lets me make a 5gb partition because I have more than 50GB's of free space on the Drive. If anyone can tell me why this is happening or tell me about a good FREE Partitioning tool that would be great. Also i might be able to use the Ubuntu installer to make a partition but i won't be installing ubuntu until the end of october when 8.10 comes out.
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  1. When the time comes just use Ubuntu

    But if you just have to do it now you can Google Acronis, they have a 15day fully functional trial of True Image 11, and if it can be done on a PC, True Image 11 can do it, right down to cloning Vista to a new HDD.
  2. yup, just use the ubuntu installer, it is reasonably straight forward and simple to use to create a partition. i would however suggest defragging before doing so, so everything is in one spot
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