Ubuntu/Win7/OSX Samba server help.

Hey there.

So I am going to be living in a house in the fall with 3 other people. I run primarily linux systems with Win7 for gaming, one guy runs windows7, one girl runs Win Vista, and the two other girls use mac's osx.

I am building a computer to use as a Home Theatre PC with Win7, then on a VM in windows im planning on installing Ubuntu.

I have a 2TB HDD that i just had anyways i was going to use to cut on costs. My though was to Partition the Drive into 2 NTFS drives, 1 - 40GB (Win7), 1 - 1900GB(Ubuntu VM in WIN7).

What i need help with is configuring the Ubuntu OS to act like a file server that all 3 OS's can read and write to, This way everyone can access the data, and the HTPC on the WIN7 box can save dvr'd tv to and read music and movies off of.

My assumption is that this would be done using Samba, but i cant seem to find anything that will work for all OS's.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. You've already answered your own question. Set up Samba shares and all three OSs will be able to access them.
  2. So samba will work on all 5 os's?

    Also will i be able to mount the server as a network drive in osx and windows? I know i can with Linux.
  3. Yes. All the Operating Systems that you mention can mount SMB network shares. It's the default network file system for Windows and you can easily connect to an SMB share in OS X using the Finder.
  4. smb is a pretty universal protocol.
    even most dumb machines like network printers/scanners use it.
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