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Im thinking in upgrading my HDD on my notetbook, I may go for a SSD or a Hybrid, wich aparently have 4GB of SSD cache.

Will Linux OS be able to use the system 4GB cache properly?
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  1. My advice? -- stick with SATA hdd for your notebook.
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    chamaecyparis said:
    My advice? -- stick with SATA hdd for your notebook.

    Why? Hybrid drives have been shown to provide a moderate increase in performance while remaining affordable, and SSDs obviously add an even larger gain in disk performance, and are starting to become more affordable. Unless you need lots of storage I see no reason not to go with a Hybrid or SSD.
  3. I wonder how effective SSDs are in practice. With a reasonable amount of RAM the disk caching algorithms ensure that frequently used data is going to be in memory anyway. Granted an SSD based computer will boot faster than a hard disk one (which is what so many people seem to concentrate on) but boot time is of no importance to me. I'd rather have oodles of reasonably priced storage.
  4. Thanks, for the answers. My current notebook hard drive may be defective, I will definetly need to upagrade it. I decided to go SSD, as the no heat, no noise and speed will be welcome
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