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Help a friend

Hello all :) hope u are fine :)
Well a friend has a problem with VISTA while using 2x24 monitors.

He says that he wants the Programs bar and the clock on the second screen (they are only on the first one and he wants them to be on the second)
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  1. The screen with the Program bar is Primary, and the other is set up as an extension. As your friend has discovered, Windows doesn't like switching them around once they're set up. I had the same problem with XP, too.

    Two ways around it that I know of, and neither are clean or software based. The first is switch the cables. The second is to shut down, unplug the PRIMARY monitor. Then leave it unplugged and restart. Then you should be able to designate the second one as Primary. Once that's done, you can shut down and the other monitor back in.

    If someone else knows a better/cleaner way, I'm all ears too!
  2. thanks alot :) i gave him this link and he will check it :)
    thanks again :)
  3. Sorry guys he meant that he wants it on both screens so it expands from screen 1 arcoss to screen 2
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    I haven't played with it on Vista, but I do know on XP there are/were a some 3rd party applications you could use to do what your friend wants (and more!). The names that come to mind are Ultramon and and MultiMon. But I do not know if they work with Vista/Vista 64.
  5. OK thanks will tell him :)
    thanks for all the replies :)
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