Best brand on these mid-low end chips?

My wallet just allows about $110-$120, so i was thinking in buying a Nvidia GeForce 7600GT, or an ATI Radeon X1650 PRO/XT series with 256 mb (as recommended by someone around here...). But i don't know which brand will be a good option; as far as I knows, eVGA, Asus and XFX are better, except for the 7600GT in eVGA which received lots of complains and the Silent series of Asus that just have a heatsink instead of fan (question: usually VGA have fans or i simply don't know about this?). Besides that, i would like to know if those both chipsets are compatible with my current M2N-E SLI Asus motherboard, in an AMD system.

Help would be greatly appreciated 8)

BTW, Yeah, i know it's a poor system, but i don't like first-person shooters anyways :P
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  1. While different companies offer different warranties, bundles, and cooling solutions, they're all pretty much the same. Just go for what's cheaper.
  2. Hi i have a x1650xt and after scouring benchmarks/reviews and forums,this one included i opted for a His iceQ turbo from overclockers and have been very happy with it.
    As for the 7600gt i was leaning towards the XfX one and that was based on reviews from customers on shopping sites.

    Thats my take on it but i would advise you to look at customer reviews on different sites and try to come to a decision yourself based on them and the opinions you get here.
    Good luck
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