New pc graphics card advice?

Yeah, I know there are 800 of these threads... Sorry, but maybe you guys can help me out or put my mind at ease.

I'm building a new computer from the ground up at the end of the month, and among other things, I've been playing around with a few options for my video card. Originally, I had planned to just go right ahead and buy myself a shiny new 8800gtx. However, I'm starting to wonder if its a bit late in the 8800's life cycle to dump ~$570 on it. It doesn't look like nVidia will be putting out any new products or lowering the gtx's price until November, but when they do, there will probably be some great prices and/or a great new card to get. I'm wondering if i should maybe get 2x 7900gs to hold me over untill then? They can be had for about $100 give or take. The monitor I'm planning on using is a dell 2407 24' widescreen with 1920x1200 native resolution. Yes, this resolution kicks video card ass, but the 2x 7900's should be able to handle it? Maybe even things like stalker etc. with some eye candy sacrafices?

Would this be a stupid idea? Spending about $200 or so on cards to save about $100 on a gtx or something in november? Its a shame i cant get a GTS now and a GTX in november and sli them :(.. Am I being stupid/crazy here, or what? Any advice would be helpful.
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  1. Well.....since you asked.......stupid idea. Why not simply spend $40 more and just get an 8800GTS 320?? That'll do fine, not as good as a GTX, but certainly far better than dual 7900's. OUCH, that's just not a good idea. Seriously. I understand your logic, but it's a misguided. Better off going with a GTS 320 instead, seriously. Great performance for little more money, and you'll be probably much happier with it on a 24" LCD anyways. Gives you better options to keep, sell, or upgrade later.
  2. Two 7900GSs would be a bigger waste of money.

    Got for the best single card you can afford, or close to that.

    A 8800GTS (any version) would be a very good choice for you.
  3. Count me too for the previous guys' opinion. You should buy the best single card you can afford. The way i see it, SLI is overrated. It is rather a waste of resources and not a very smart solution after all, plus 2 7900s do not even come close to an 8800 GTS. And what about DX10?

    Edit: You can always sell the 8800 later and reclaim part of your funds...
  4. Alright guys, thanks. This is exactly what I was thinking, but I guess I needed someone else to say it :P. I think I'm going to go with the GTX. It will involve an extra week of saving up, but in the end I think it will be worth it. I've had a crappy dell laptop from 2003 as my gaming rig untill now so I'm pretty damn excited and want to get this thing built ASAP!

    (please don't laugh too hard) :roll:
  5. You went to the other extreme!!! In November, $600 will be the price for a 8900... Get the cheapest 8800GTS you can find and keep saving money for Xmas Vga galore!
    Good luck and happy gaming, whatever you choose :D

    P.S. I'm playing STALKER @ 1280*960 with a 8600GT, medium eye candy...
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