What would you say I should do?


-my router (belkin wireless g)


-m y wireless card (belkin wireless usb)

I checked my internet yesterday on the wired computers in the house, and am getting an outstanding speed rating. I had a router before, but it was an old linksys wireless b that wouldnt even reach far enough across the house to hit my room. So I bought this new one, which claims 400 ft (its about 100 ft from router to computer, indoor obviously) .. but when I checked my speed on my wireless, I lost 75% of my speed.

My questions are:

1. Is it solely my router? or can my usb card be at fault too? I realize its a cheap one, and have no quarrels about dishing out more money, if it will fix the problem.

2.Which router should I go buy, that will keep strong strength from a 100ft, indoor distance? I want optimum speed because I want to get back into fps's, but I understand that that may not be possible.

3. Is wireless crappy all around for games, or has it gotten better? Ive always used wired, and back a couple years ago my cousin had wireless and hed always have high pings and dropped packets.. Is that still the case?

thanks in advance
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  1. Well for a 100 ft indoors your lucky for actually making the distance. Since you have a broadcom chipset you can increase your range by installing an alternative firmware called dd-wrt (flash at your own risk). You can also try directional antenna on the router. As for your wireless adapter I don't think there is much you can do but buy one with a better antenna. As a rule thumb I usually divide the distance stated on the box by 2 to 3 as well as the throughput. With a perfect signal 56mbps is actually 28mbps. There are acceleration techniques such as super g and mimo that might get you up to 30 mbps or 40 mbps. I heard stories of draft n being better but I'm waiting. I really don't know how fast your internet is but best of luck to you and I hope this helps you get up to full speed.
  2. I dont know what my internet claims but I get a good 5-6ms.

    I also took back the belkin and bought the buffalo hp g54. I get really fast internet sometimes, but no matter what it says the signal is low. sometimes it will drop completely but not as much as before.

    I am looking into installing this ddwrt firmware but it is all kinda new to me so i am sorta confused (for instance-I dont even know what firmware is really?)

    But i read the wiki and what I got out of it is that, for buffalo routers, you run a command as soon as the router boots up and the firmware is put on the router. There is a couple little steps, but I dont see how you could brick your router doing this? I mean, it says that you can brick it but where can you go wrong there? or does it just get bricked sometimes even though the procedure is correct?

    Can I take this router back to the store if I brick it and say its defective.. or would there be anyway of knowing I tampered with it?

    thanks for any help
  3. I just give a warning because I've flashed a few with no problems but it does void the warranty and I'm not familiar with everything out there. You can try to return a bricked router and they might not know but it is immoral since you were trying to do something they don't support. If you follow the directions you should be fine. Whenever you hack something just make a decision whether the benefits outweigh the chance of bricking.
  4. ok I flashed it and upped the antenna power up to 95. Still did not fix my problem, although it did seem to be a little better.

    Being cheap (because i am out of money) I bought 2 of these:


    10 foot usb extension cable witha 12 mb/s transfer rate. My internet is 6mb /s so i figure even if you give or take thats still more than enough.

    So what I did was route 2 of these cords from my pc to my nic card and now it is much closer to the router, and and now it says i am getting goood/very good signal. However, when I check my internet speed it is only 500 kb/s.

    I am wondering: Do you think it is the fault of:

    a) my wireless card being in intense heat (i routed it through the attic-its probably above 100 in there)

    PS> I took a bag of ice, put it directly on the card and left it there for a minute to cool it down, checked my speed and it was still 500mb/s but it spiked a LOT.

    b) The wires being chained together of a distance of 25 foot making my transfer rates so slow i only get 500kb/s


    c) neither a or b, its just the fact that its still a good 30 ft from the router with a wall in between. But if thats the case, than why is xp saying that i am getting a signal of 30-46 mb/s?

    thanks for any help.
  5. Well I can say right off the bat your 30-46 mb/s is bs since in real life the most a g network can do is 28 mb/s. As for your download speed your prolly limited by the server your connected to not your connection speed. When I work on campus I have a 10 mb/s connection and I usually only download 500 kb/s to 1 mb/s. A good way to test out network speed is to wire one computer into the router. Then install a free program called qcheck to it as well as to the remote computer. Then check the bandwidth. A word of warning qcheck is blocked by the windows firewall so either patch it through or disable it to run the test. Your speed will probably very alot but if your above 6 mb/s then you are using your full internet connection. I assume since you are using 6 mb/s you use cable and cable connections also slow down in high demand areas. DSL slows down the further you are away from the station. Usually either way you get hosed.
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