Copying files to mobile phone

I want to copy a file, say x.txt to my mobile phone.
How do I specify the destination path in the copyfile method?
The destination folder is Computer\EUGE'S PHONE\c:\gallery\graphics

The code should go something like this, but the destination folder I have specified doesn't work

Dim fso,wshShell,strDesktop
set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
strDesktop = WshShell.SpecialFolders("Desktop")
set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

fso.copyfile strdesktop & "\" & "x.txt", "Computer\EUGE'S PHONE\c:\gallery\graphics"
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  1. First, do you know if your phone even has a C:\ drive? If the phone uses any kind of Linux OS (or Mac OS I think) the base path is simply "/".

    That said, when you connect the phone to your PC, does it show as a removable device? If not, you might have to use some manufacturer-specific API if even available.
  2. The phone is a Nokia 6300.
    I thing it just supports Java (no Symbian OS).

    See image from windows explorer of folder tree
  3. Did you have to install anything for your phone to work in Explorer?

    If you right-click on any file on your phone and check the Properties, what is the path like beside "Location"?

    Can you access this path using the command prompt (DOS)?
  4. I installed the latest version of Nokia PC Suite.
    See this link for properties window:

    (Can I add an image to a reply on this forum without putting it on a webpage?)

    The phone is listed under Computer in Windows Explorer as Euge's Phone but with no drive letter allocation so I can't change to the drive in DOS
  5. My guess is that PC Suite installs some kind of special extension to Explorer so you can see your phone, but there might be no equivalent for the bare shell.

    Unfortunately I don't know enough about VBScript or the internal working of Explorer to give any further advice :(. I though maybe symbolic link (Vista) or junctions (W2K and up) might be used, but they all require a path as input and "Computer" is probably some special object you cannot browse as a normal browser.

  6. Ok, Thanks anyway for replying :)
  7. register in this forum and write question:

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  8. microera said:
    register in this forum and write question:

    This is bigest gsm related forum on the world!

    Will try that, thanks! :)
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