Hp dv6 6016tx ubuntu drivers

how to install wirless drivers in my hp dv6 6016 tx
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  1. Ok, time to learn to fish :)

    1) Linux distro?

    2) (dependent on the answer to 1) You may already have the lspci tool installed, if not, use the distro's PM to install it (will likely require you to hook up to an ethernet cable)

    3) As root (or prefixed with a "sudo"), run lspci from a terminal

    4) Look for a listing in what comes back that looks to be wireless-related (it will give you the PCI-ID, which is the vital part)

    5) Do a search online to determine if that wireless chipset it supported under Linux

    6a) If so, great! Look for a distro-specific set of instructions

    6b) If not, sorry, but you've fallen victim of a manufacturer who doesn't want to support Linux (if they just made the specs available, there are kernel devs who would make the drivers happen)
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