P6N Diamon will not always load OS


Everything in my system appears to work well once OS loads, but after having power off, pc hangs most times loading windows, It post, then the windows screen shows loading progress bar to eternity. I reset, hit load normally from boot menu and roll the dice.

Any suggestions?

MSI p6n Diamond
C2D e6700
2gb Corsair XMS2 800 ram
system drive 200gb WD
Storage drives = Raid 0 2X200 gb WD
1 liteon on DVD burner
1 Liteon CD Burner
XFX 8800 GTX Video card

WinXp Pro
Case is Antec Nine hundred
Antec 650 watt Truepower Trio

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  1. Unfornately the used to happen with me with an old MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum. Look in your user manual and somewhere nside MSI states that nVidia components are very sensitive and may fail to start. Something like that. I have switched to ASUS since I found out this little detail. :cry:

    Not only this but mainly because they don't overclock well.


    A8R32-MVP DELUXE; Athlon64 X2 3800+@2.4 GHz;
    1 GB Ching Lin DDR466@433MHz 2-3-3-6-1T;
    250 GB HD SATA Seagate; 200 GB HD EIDE Maxtor;
    400 W Ching Lin PSU; LiteON 16X DVD;LG L1925H 19" LCD 8 ms;
    Evercool SHARKS Heatpipe CPU Cooler; 3 low noise case fans;
    1400 VA true senoidal wave nobreak
  2. It was the hardware rais conttroller buggering my system boot up. Opted not to use it and all seems well.
    I await a bios upgrade. It works, but does something on boot up to cause me headaches.
  3. There is an issue with the hardware RAID on MSI P6N Diamond motherboards. It seems to be a problem with the Silicon Image RAID controller, although MSI haven't confirmed that as far as I know. From a cold boot the BIOS simply fails to detect a RAID array using SATA slots 6+7, there's a thread on the MSI forums about it, and everyone has exactly the same symptoms so I'm confident that it's a real issue:


    I've contacted MSI tech support about it, and I'll post on the MSI forum if I get any joy from them. I've contacted them before and they've got back to me with a fairly generic answer, but at least they got in touch. Someone else on that forum suggested that it might be possible to fiddle with the Silicon Image chip in some way, I don't know what I'm doing enough to risk it, but here's the link:


    I know MSI have put out a couple of BIOS updates, but they haven't addressed this issue. Shame really, apart from this I think it's a great board, works perfectly so long as you wait for it to warm up a bit - shouldn't really have to say that in 2007 though!
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