Bluescreen in Vista, like so many others

Maybe you guys have ideas that the other forum could not answer. They kept telling me to change my video card or MB which has a built in video on it. The MB is brand new. I do not think it would be defective if it has been able to boot into Vista Safe Mode several times. I think the other moderators on the other site are just being criptic and stubborn in their suggestions.

Here are the details. I apologize for the length.

Had computer crash in May. Have used laptop since then. Motherboard onboard video connection had a broken weld (rough use by frustrated family members) and could not show anything on any monitor I have.

Just bought Biostar MCP6P motherboard, really close to what HP had put in it to start with. Boots into Safe Mode. Have gotten the drivers updated for Motherboard and then added drivers for Nvidia 6150 onboard video (would not have done this if I had read some of the other posts on the forum).

Now, still boots to Safe Mode. Get error when going into full Vista or get to login page of Vista and the system restarts again. Had message of IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and was able to get that to go away by disabling all kinds of unnecessary items on MB (Serial port, build in printer interface, and floppy since my drive connection is now shot).

Now, I have a new error: DRIVER IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I found several IRQ settings, memory address, and I/O port conflicts in msinfo32. Is there a way that I can set some of these settings manually? I want to throw this entire system away and start over but have no funds to do it right now. (Funny thing was that yesterday, when my husband was trying to help, the thing wouldn't even turn on the monitor at all. Tonight, he was at work and I got it to work. I think I should tell him to stay away from it.)

System is AMD 64X2, 3600, 2.1 GHz
1 GB Ram
NVidia GeForce 6150 onboard video
250 GB SATA hard drive
160 GB IDE hard drive (not hooked up right now)
New CPU cooler, used old CPU though.
Vista Home Premium (64 according to BIOS)
System is AMD 64X2, 3600, 2.1 GHz
1 GB Ram
NVidia GeForce 6150 onboard video
250 GB SATA hard drive
160 GB IDE hard drive (not hooked up right now)
New CPU cooler, used old CPU though.
Vista Home Premium

I try to remove the hardware (video card) from control panel but Vista keeps finding new hardware, almost immediately, and then reinstalls the drivers before I can get them all of. I have 9 cases of shared IRQ, Memory addresses or I/O Port problems, all tied to items related to video card and other items tied to it. I have them all written down. Let me know if you would like me to post those.

Downloaded all drivers at work and burned to CD. (Drivers for motherboard and video card that is onboard.) Thought I could go home and go into Safe Mode and load drivers, and BINGO, problem solved.

NO DOING!!!!! :fou:

Now, CPU turns on and monitor will not receive signal. Tried restarting again (hard reset). Nothing worked. Tried several more times--no monitor. Turned on again and wiggled SATA cable, monitor came on. No keyboard working (have PS2 plugged in instead of USB). Hard reset. No monitor. Over and over, no monitor. Then turned off, took out CPU fan, removed CPU chip, reset it, added more of the wonderfully electric goo, as I call it, reinstalled fan. Turned on CPU: Monitor worked. Still no keyboard. I can't even get to Safe mode to fix it.

Now, I have a brilliant idea, attached just IDE drive and put in full XP version to add OS to it. No monitor, no error about no OS, nothing. Turned it off, switched back to SATA drive and disconnected anything not needed to boot (USB connectors to front, CD drive, sound cables, etc.) NO MONITOR.

Am going to try and get old system to run for the IDE drive and install XP on it there. Maybe then I can move the drive back over and get monitor to work after fixing any driver errors. If not, and the other system runs, I guess I switch to it until I can get the other one either working or get a new PC with tax money in February. I am not getting another HP even though the one before the current one I have ran great for over nine years and I updated it all the time, no driver errors ever, just got so slow that upgrading again would have cost me more than a new computer.

Other forum said to try drivers first (no floppy on system so I could not load them). Then suggested trying another video card (don't have one that will work and don't have money to buy one). Next suggestion was that if it was not onboard video problem then it was MB. I don't think it would have booted into Safe Mode those times if the MB was bad.
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  1. Just a few thought off the top of my head:

    Safe mode will not use all of the functions of the video card since it is a barebones mode of operation, so it is possible that non-safe mode (full mode, regular mode or whatever you call it) might attempt to use some function of the card that is in fact broken. If you can get back into safe mode uninstall the video card and attempt to reboot. This should take you into full mode vista minus the video drivers. If this works and then it again fails upon installing video drivers this would tend to point to something with the card itself or the driver.

    If you have an old PCI video card laying about, even from many years ago, you could attempt to boot with it.

    You should also check your RAM with memtest86

    and also be sure the MOBO bios is supplying mfg spec voltage to the RAM.

    Sometimes a mobo will fail to boot and or kick the monitor if you attempt to start it immediately following a power down or crash. When this happens unplug the PSU, wait a few moments, and then try again. It is also possible this failure to start is an indication of a hardware problem of course. Usually this would be either a power supply problem or a motherboard problem. Be sure you ahve power going to the 4 pin CPU aux header.

    The IRQ message is a red herring, modern versions of MS OS all share IRQ. IRQ not less than equal is a fairly standard thing to see on a blue screen or stop message and almost certainly is NOT an IRQ sharing issue.

    "like so many others"?? We actually don't see all that many issues here with Vista. It seems to be running pretty well compared to XP.
  2. Spank the family member that broke the vid connector!!
  3. To Notherdude: I will try your suggestions today and see what happens.

    To Maximiza: I have spanked them and am contemplating banning them from the computer and a few other things, if you know what I mean.
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