keyboard sunddenly not working and xp wants reactivation oO!


First of all sorry for the poor punctuation etc, i'm using the xp visual keyboard !

Yesterday, all of a sudden my keyboard stopped working: in xp AND in the "DOS" before xp launches !

Sometimes it works (rarely) but not for long and it goes crazy : when caps mode it writes small letters and in non caps it writes caps oO!

I tried another keyboard, but it doesn't solve the problem !

I tried booting in failsafe but it doesn't change either!

And now xp is asking me to activate AGAIN because it says my specs have dramatically changed ! But I haven't changed anything !

What could have caused this ? How can I solve this please? I'm completely lost !

I'm going to try to reinstall xp now, i'll keep you posted!

Thanks for your time and help.

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  1. Your keyboard is either defective or just has a stuck key. From the sound of it, one of your Shift keys is stuck.
  2. hi,

    like i said, trying another keyboard doesn't solve it.
  3. Then you've probably activated some kind of shift-lock or sticky keys...
  4. Well that would've explained it for windows but not for the outside of windows, like the bios startup etc ...
  5. Bad port on the board then if a known good keyboard does the same thing when plugged into the same port.
  6. well if nothing works, keyboard and stuff like that then you have evil spirit in your computer telling ya, your to dumb to figure it out.

    Hope this helps
  7. If you have USB, try PS/2, or if you have PS/2, try USB keyboard. You could also try resetting CMOS with reset jumper, as settings corrupted, may have disabled on board components (network,sound etc) which would explain XP wanting to activate.

  8. Did you install any drivers recently? There was an article on this site recently saying how XP would ask to be reactivated if you installed certain drivers (like hard disk controller drivers) that were much more advanced/different than the ones Microsoft supplies from a fresh install.

    Did this problem occur out of the blue or were there symptoms before?
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